An OGC API to geospatial data

OSGeo Project Certified OGC Compliant

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Table of contents

  • Project overview
  • Core capabilities
  • Selected featured projects
  • Roadmap
  • Support

Project overview

Say hello to pygeoapi

Project Overview

  • Geospatial data Web API framework via OGC API
  • REST/JSON/OpenAPI/Swagger
  • OGC Compliant
  • OSGeo Project
  • International team (Canada, Netherlands, Greece, Italy, New Zealand, United States, Spain)
    • Numerous core contributors
    • 21000 upstream contributors (dependencies)

Install in 5 minutes

python3 -m venv pygeoapi
cd pygeoapi
. bin/activate
git clone
cd pygeoapi
pip3 install -r requirements.txt
python3 install
cp pygeoapi-config.yml example-config.yml
vi example-config.yml  # edit as required
export PYGEOAPI_CONFIG=example-config.yml
export PYGEOAPI_OPENAPI=example-openapi.yml
pygeoapi openapi generate $PYGEOAPI_CONFIG --output-file $PYGEOAPI_OPENAPI
pygeoapi serve
# in another terminal
curl http://localhost:5000  # or open in a web browser

Technical Overview

  • Core abstract API; web framework agnostic (default Flask)
  • YAML configuration (metadata, dataset connections)
  • Automated OpenAPI document generation and data binding
  • Robust plugin framework (data connections, formats, processing)
  • Easy deployment (pip install, Docker, conda, UbuntuGIS)
  • Minimal core dependencies

Provider plugin framework

  • Features (Elasticsearch, PostgreSQL/PostGIS, CSV, GeoJSON, OGR, MongoDB, Esri)
  • Coverages (xarray, rasterio)
  • Tiles (MinIO, ZXY directory tree)
  • Records (Elasticsearch, TinyDB)
  • Implement your own!

Processing framework

  • Expose Python workflow as processes
  • Process manager support for job control (TinyDB)
  • Implement your own!

Implementing your own Plugin

  • Develop / propose / maintain as core plugin
  • Develop / maintain in your own repository

  • Lower the barrier to data search
  • HTML encoding is annotated as to facilitate search engines
  • Google dataset search locates pygeoapi datasets

Linked Data - JSON-LD

  • JSON-LD provided as additional representation
  • Default out of the box functionality for most pygeoapi resources / endpoints
  • Additional configuration


Numerous deployment options

  • PyPI
  • UbuntuGIS
  • Docker
  • Conda
  • FreeBSD

Core Capabilities


OGC API - Features

OGC API - Coverages

OGC API - Records

OGC API - Tiles

OGC API - Processes

OGC API - Environmental Data Retrieval

SpatioTemporal Asset Catalog (STAC)

HTML templating

Selected recent projects


  • US Geospatial Platform (Geoplatform) provides a central point of access to federal geospatial metadata, services and data
  • Aligns with FAIR principles
  • Powered by numerous FOSS4G components
  • Aligns with FAIR principles
  • 100+ National Geospatial Data Assets

  • The Geoconnex project is about providing technical infrastructure and guidance to create an open, community-contribution model for a knowledge graph linking hydrologic features in the United States, published in accordance with Spatial Data on the Web best practives as an implementation of Internet of Water principles

River Runner

Meteorological Service of Canada GeoMet platform

  • OGC web services platform of Canadian weather, climate and water data
  • Realtime weather/hydrometric data
  • Numerical weather prediction
  • Hydrometric and Climate archives
  • Gridded data extraction

British Geological Survey - OGCAPI Server

  • BGS OpenGeoscience geospatial data

WIS2 in a box



  • 1.0
    • OGC API - Routes
    • OGC API - Maps
    • OGC API - Styles
    • API Refactor
  • Google BigQuery provider plugin



Thank you!

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