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pygeoapi is a Python server implementation of the OGC API suite of standards. The project emerged as part of the next generation OGC API efforts in 2018 and provides the capability for organizations to deploy an RESTful OGC API endpoint using OpenAPI, GeoJSON, and HTML. pygeoapi is open source and released under an MIT license. OSGeo Community Project

python3 -m venv pygeoapi
cd pygeoapi
. bin/activate
git clone
cd pygeoapi
pip install -r requirements.txt
python install
cp pygeoapi-config.yml example-config.yml
vi example-config.yml
export PYGEOAPI_CONFIG=example-config.yml
export PYGEOAPI_OPENAPI=example-openapi.yml
pygeoapi generate-openapi-document -c $PYGEOAPI_CONFIG > $PYGEOAPI_OPENAPI
pygeoapi serve
curl http://localhost:5000

At a glance:
  • Easy to install: install a full implementation via pip or git
  • Easy to deploy: via UbuntuGIS or the official Docker image
  • Flexible: built on a robust plugin framework
    • connect to custom data sources (files, services, databases, etc.)
    • serve custom output formats
    • implement custom processes and workflows
    • deploy via Flask, Django, or any Python framework
  • Compliant: passes OGC Compliance testing

Code and Docs
GitHub repository

Code repository and docs


Docs Presentation Video

Live demonstration

Demonstration of pygeoapi in action

Docker images
Images hosted in Docker Hub

Docker images/composition to run pygeoapi

Docker Hub

WFS 3.0
Proto-WFS 3.0 docs

Live documentation of future WFS 3.0 standard

WFS 3.0 repository

Client Tools
WFS clients

Client tools to work with WFS 3.0

GDAL driver



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