Code of Conduct

In support of an inclusive and welcoming community, the pygeoapi code of conduct can always be found at

There are numerous ways to interact with the pygeoapi community.

Mailing List

The pygeoapi mailing list enables users and developers to exchange ideas, discuss improvements / issues, and ask questions. To subscribe, visit

Mailing list archives are available at


Gitter provides a web-based instant messaging and chatroom. The pygeoapi Gitter chatroom is public and open to anyone (you require a Gitter or Twitter account to sign in).

Stack Overflow

pygeoapi discussions on Stack Overflow can be found with the pygeoapi tag.

Service Providers

pygeoapi service providers (core development, support, training) can be found on the OSGeo Service Provider Directory.

GitHub (Wiki, Issues, Code)

The pygeoapi wiki provides an area for supporting information that frequently changes and / or is outside the scope of the formal documentation.

The pygeoapi issue tracker is the place to report bugs or request enhancements. To submit a bug be sure to specify the version you are using, the appropriate component, a description of how to reproduce the bug, as well as what version of Python and platform.

GitHub provides the ability for users to issue pull requests, and is the preferred way to have your contributions added to pygeoapi, although patches and other mechanisms are welcome as well.

All pygeoapi source code is managed on GitHub, which includes the latest (master) and other supported branches.

Getting Involved

Users, developers and others are more than welcome! There are plenty of ways to get involved:

  • Documentation
  • Fixing bugs
  • Testing
  • Core development (bug fixing, feature implementation, etc.)

See for more information on contributing.